Written in the Stars

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Another year away from my family on Christmas day…booooo~ *sob sob*

I must admit, despite the amazing decorations the Korean government put up on the streets, it can get really depressing at this time of year in Korea for a number of reasons.  Rather than it being a family gathering on Christmas Day, in Korea it is like Valentine’s Day where couples get to go out and admire the decorations, fairy lights and so on…However if you are single it will be a little grim and well, let’s just say some of my single Korean friends feel extra depressed and lonely.  If you have a lover you go out and get to enjoy the amazing-ness the festivity has to offer….if you don’t…well…you stay at home buddy.

Oh and Koreans tell me that Christmas Day is the day todo it’ with your lover apparently.  So weird, but so funny hahaaa which is why it will be difficult to book hotels, and motels around this time of year because they get full up pretty fast!  So book early!

So after waking up around midday and seeing several Facebook statuses suddenly updated to ‘in a relationship’, a few of us singletons decided to drive down to Boseong (보성녹차밭) to see the infamous Christmas light festival (보성빛축제).  How can I describe this event?  Despite wanting to shoot every couple on sight, the scene was nothing short of spectacular.  It was like swimming through a sea of stars yet occasionally there will be an odd couple who will block the flow of the queue because they set up their damn tripod in the middle of the trail.

Once you have written your wish on a star you can hang it up anywhere you like along the trail or if you don’t give a crap about those corny stuff, do definitely try out Boseong’s infamous and delicious green tea ice cream, and boiled green tea eggs.

Anyhow, this event will end until the last days of January!

What did you get up to for the Holidays?

Merry Christmas peepz!

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9 Comments on “Written in the Stars

  1. Everything looks so nice! great pictures. now I wiish i was going for Christmas instead of summer.

  2. I actually laughed when you mentioned wanting to shoot every couple in sight. Hahahaha. That’s really funny. Anyway, do you actually eat the green tea ice cream together with the boiled egg?? Is this some kind of Christmas specialty or is it available throughout the yr?

      • Hehehe.. maybe I will~ currently setting up things to do while in South Korea this coming Spring. Anyway, really enjoyed browsing through your pictures and blog!

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