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Sometimes I wonder why people own cats and dogs in their homes and NOT sheep? They don’t bite, they poop like rabbits (which are more attractive than dog and cat poo) and you can shave off their wool and use it as a duvet cover! They don’t seem to cause a lot of trouble either, unless they get eaten by a fox/wolf, and then that mess would be a pain to clean up.  Other than that they always seem to be quite content just standing there and chewing bits of dried grass.  Sheep can be a bit hard to find in Korea unless served on the dinner table.  However thanks to ‘Thanks Nature Café’ in Seoul, our woolly countryside cravings can be cured by two wonderful, cute and FLUFFY sheep!

Although the sheep are the main attraction, once they are absent in the summer the visitors generally still visit to try out this café’s deliciously famous waffles.  Just the sight of it you instantly know you are already in for a treat…arrrgh my mouth is watering up again…  Not only are the waffles a delight but the range of coffee and tea offered are all top quality and freshly blended, finished off with latte art.  With or without sheep, this café’s service is perfect.  About twice an hour the owner lets the sheep out of the fence and let customers feed them with dried grass as well as take pictures.

Oh and might I add the owner is super nice and friendly?  Feel free to have a little chat with him if he isn’t behind the counter busily serving drinks.

How to get there?

Subway station: Hongik University Line 2, Exit 9 ~ take a left up the hill at the first intersection you come to. Keep walking up the hill towards Hongik University’s main gate. Thanks Nature is located in a basement on the left side of the street, near the top of the hill. Make sure you look down!

Adress: 마포구 서교동 486 서교푸르지오상가 B121, Seoul, Korea 121-842


9 Comments on “Baaa~

  1. OMG TOO MUCH QTNESS i can’t take this ;-; definitely adding it to my destination! i feel like a maniac seeing this post in the morning and shriek like a crazy witch ._. thanks for sharing! xx

  2. To us Kiwis, a sheep cafe is a little bit odd but I have to say, the photos make all the weirdness worth it! Plus, now we’re homesick for sure!!! They do make cute fluffy attractions but they make an even BETTER roast dinner 😉

  3. OMYGOODNESS Ken thanks for spreading the word about this cafe!!! I wanna visit here next time I’m in Seoul!!!! GREAT great pics you got, too!

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  5. Bizarre! I want to go there! I’ve only been to the cat and bunny cafes in Korea and Japan… they were pretty weird too.

    I love your photos, by the way!

    Happy travels ( :

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  7. oppa 🙂 can i ask you some question ?
    I love photograph but i’m not professional
    Did you have edit the flitter or something ?
    I love a flitter like that but i don’t know how to make it please tell me oppa

    thankyou :3

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