Gap Seoul State of Mind ~ Singing My Blues

seoul state of mind 005
seoul state of mind 001
seoul state of mind 008
seoul state of mind 004
seoul state of mind 006
seoul state of mind 002

Yup, I’ve done it…the white shorts are unleashed! Not completely wise as I tend to enjoy rolling over the grass and sitting on the sidewalk during the most inappropriate times. Yes I do admit it…I’m a bit like a sheep…I like to follow trends coz I can’t really dress myself if you hadn’t noticed yet, and I don’t intend to either. Just thinking about it gives me a fit of a headache…so why not let others do it for me? 😉

Working with Gap’s project have given me the opportunity to take something from their store and match it with clothes from my den. Doesn’t look too bad right? With Gap’s blue plaid shirt and white shorts it’s definitely an improvement compared the collection of hoodies and jeans.
Whilst you determine whether the outfit is hot or not…I’ll just stand at my little corner and sob over my last week at my all boys middle school…

Time has flown by…my boys have all grown up…and I’m not ready to leave just yet~


Massive thanks to Lorryn Smit for the outfit shots~


3 Comments on “Gap Seoul State of Mind ~ Singing My Blues

  1. woah this looks good! and I dont remember gwangju being so pretty, but come to think of it again, i didn’t take a good look of gwangju when I was there. it’s such a pity!

    keep the awesome pictures coming!

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