Seoul state of mind Hanok
Seoul state of mind hanok 3
Seoul state of mind hanok 10
Seoul state of mind hanok 2
Seoul state of mind hanok 12
Seoul state of mind hanok 13
Seoul state of mind hanok 9
Seoul state of mind stones
Seoul state of mind hanok 6
Seoul state of mind hanok 11
Seoul state of mind butterfly
Seoul state of mind hanok Butterfly 2
Seoul state of mind hanok 7

Straight after the Battle of Myeongnyang festival ended in Jindo, it was time the party headed to the accommodation which my friend has booked in advance. I asked her where are we staying and I got was ‘it’s a very traditional hanok house in the countryside’. Ok…so does that mean taking regular toilet trips to a nearby bush, or no convenience store nearby to buy Oreo cookies at midninght, or even worse no electrical socket to charge my phone? #firstworldproblems

But I was wrong…where we stayed was nothing short of OM*#!G*#?! The Korean traditional Hanok house was so huge, it can pass off as one of those humungous mansions that rich people stayed at centuries ago. The interior was well furnished, colourful silk blankets were provided, and the washroom was not a hole in the ground…thank goodness. The courtyard was spacious, and there were tandems available to enjoy riding with your loved ones. With all this including the amazing, fresh country surrounding you, who needs a smart phone?! Oh wait…Instagram

The point is that sometimes we miss the more simple pleasures in life. Being in a country where smart phones, computers, and PC tablets rules I think we easily forget and take for granted as to just how beautiful our surroundings can be.

Anyhow rumour has it staying here during the winter when it snows is simply bliss. I can picture myself sitting inside on heated floors with the doors wide open and just reading my book whilst watching the snow fall…Oooooh I should stop dreaming too much because the reality is that it’s Monday and I have to teach 40 boys in one class….NICE~

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6 Comments on “#FirstWorldProblems

  1. Gorgeous photos. I never ever made it to Jindo during 3.5 years in Korea. Maybe next time I visit?! Hmm. The winter scene you described sounds beautiful. I’m going to miss heated floors this winter here in the UK, that’s for sure. And you’re right about not always appreciating the beauty around you in Korea. It’s such a technologically advanced country and so urban that you can easily forget about the natural surroundings. I thought Buyeo was beautiful in autumn, Geumodo is a great island to hike around, and I pretty much love all of Gangwon-do. But my heart still lies with the cities, Korean BBQ, multibangs, and cocktails in a bag.

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