Gap Seoul State of Mind ~ Comfortably Blue

Seoul state of mind Gap
Seoul state of mind 5.18
5.18 park
sausage dog 2
sausage dog 3-1
sausage dog

Oi Korea..if you decided to just drop 10 degrees in an instant …let me know beforehand ok? Either I caught a cold from the sudden temperature drop or from my ill-mannered student deliberately coughing on my hand without covering her mouth…

I’m not even sure if it is Autumn or not…it’s so cold and the trees are almost naked. I now have to put clothes on when I sleep (yes, sleeping naked is the bomb ok?). Apart from looking forward to spending Christmas with my family for the first time in 2 years, snowboarding season is approaching…I can smell it..and I can’t wait!

Besides taking part in Gap’s awesome project, What better preparation for the winter than to cosy up in Gap’s ‘authentic hoody’? I also combo’d it with Gap’s blue shirt underneath to make it more smart/outdoor/casual as well as to fight the cold by layering it up. Perfect for a walk in the park with a sausage dog.

This ‘5.18 park’ that I did my shots in has a very special meaning, and marks one of the greatest as well as saddest time in Korean history…but I think it’s more suitable to explain this on a separate post.


Thanks to Lorryn Smit for the outfit shots~


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