Battle Royale

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Know much history of Korea? I’m not a big fan in academics, especially text books where there are no coloured illustrations. Yeah, I’m a big kid like that, but I’m a person who loses his interest easily…if not…too easily. You can probably tell from this blog that it’s very picture orientated and it’s very eye capturing…words however are not.

I can’t think of a better way to learn and experience a culture by attending a historical festival! The Battle of MungNyang in Jindo is still to this day one of the most important battles ever occurred between Korea and Japan. Not only did I get to find out General Yi Sun Sin was an absolute beast taking on 100+ Japanese ships with only a fleet of 13, but also that he is crazy enough to fight on water full of strong currents and mini whirlpools. Not any normal being will think ‘I shall use a whirlpool to my advantage’ unless you are Captain Jack Sparrow. All I can say is to achieve the impossible you must think of the impossible yourself. Nice mentality there~

Although it was cloudy, the atmosphere was great and the actors played their part well in educating people as to what happened centuries ago despite it all being in old-skool Korean. Yup no idea what they were talking about, so it’s great to have a Korean translator in your pocket…and Wikipedia of course…

Oh and by the ways…did you know Jindo has one of the best tasting Korean foods everrrr? If you compare, it really kicks Seoul in the nuts. Not a fan of history? Then I would strongly suggest enjoying Jindo for the authentic food, the breathtaking views and the untouched countryside 😉

PS. That pic below was taken by my new Galaxy S4…I wanted to show that off ^^

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Jindo 016 Seoul State of Mind


7 Comments on “Battle Royale

  1. Gorgeous photos, as always! We recently got the Galaxy S4 too, and have been super happy with the photos and videos that it takes. We are a little jealous, though because we have been wanting to go see this festival in Jindo for a while, but MISSED IT!!! Sad day.

  2. Looks awesome man! I was actually considering teaching English in South Korea but wasn’t sure, however little things are starting to sway me. This being one of them…

  3. This looks like it was incredible. Can’t wait until the day I can attend events like this in person^^ thanks for sharing!!! The pictures are amazing!!!

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