Oreo Bingsu 007 Seoul State of Mind
Oreo Bingsu 003 Seoul State of Mind
Oreo Bingsu 004 Seoul State of Mind
Oreo Bingsu 005 Seoul State of Mind
Garosugil 002 Seoul State of Mind
Oreo Bingsu 006 Seoul State of Mind
Garosugil 001 Seoul State of Mind

Summer has come to an end as the morning chills begin to emerge and the leaves are slowly turning into gold. Summer was literally great. Unlike London I didn’t have the expectation of suddenly getting peed on during a clear bright sunny day. Although I can bid adios to the humidity and hundreds of sweaty bodies being pressed against mine inside a train carriage, there is one thing that I will be depressed about as winter gradually approaches. That’s none other than B-B-Bingsu!

It’s weird how people can turn shaved ice into such a delicacy. Talk about being cost effective! I’ve recently stumbled across a specialised Bingsu café in Garosugil, Seoul called Add Bing Cafe. It offers a variety of fusion bingsus including the Oreo Bingsu! Seriously…the combination between the ice flakes, Oreo cookies, Oreo milkshake, and Oreo ice cream was literally eye-roll worthy. The Oreo ice cream was especially light and puffy…it was like swallowing cookie flavoured clouds…*dies*

I’ll just order the next one…before I bid my last farewell 😦

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Subway Station: Sinsa exit 8
Address: Add Bing; 1F #104 545-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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2 Comments on “Falling

  1. Is this place still open? I saw this post when it first came out and have been dying to try it. Now I’m finally in Seoul, but I can’t find it with naver maps!

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