[Travel Diary] Secret Mountain

Sanbangsan 003 Jeju SeoulStateofMind
Sanbangsan 008 Jeju SeoulStateofMind
Sanbangsan 010 Jeju SeoulStateofMind
Sanbangsan 009 Jeju SeoulStateofMind
Sanbangsan 002 Jeju SeoulStateofMind
Sanbangsan 004 Jeju SeoulStateofMind
Sanbangsan 005 Jeju SeoulStateofMind

The joy when travelling with someone who lives in Jeju Island is when they take you to locations where not many tourists know about…

This is totally the type of place where you can come to relieve some stupid stress from the mainland, or surprise your girlfriend with a picnic basket and blanket *^^*. However before you can witness this phenomenon landscape you must make a dreaded, torturous, and steep 20 minute hike. It’s not that bad…unless it’s 36 degrees.

However all the sweat shower, cuts, scorched skin, and a lost camera piece was worth it…well…not sure about the camera piece that I dropped down the mountain O.O, but hey, I got my shot…what else matters?

As you sit down you can drink that well deserved, ice chilled water, gape at that insane view of Sanbang Mountain (which is actually ‘illegal’ to hike up) whilst butterflies and dragonflies flutter around endlessly making you feel like you’ve died and gone up to a heavenly secret garden.
Oh and thanks again Jim from the Jeju Olle Trail Organization for taking me to this amazing hidden piece of land

~ feeling blessed.

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