[Travel Diary] Isolation Solution


Believe it or not, I actually went to Jeju Island by myself. It was also my very first time going on vacation alone…SCARY. One of the many reasons is to escape the reality and the stress from work and personal issues in which I will save you from reading. I thought ditching the friends behind (don’t kill me) would be a good opportunity for a little solitude and mental healing. The other reason was wanting to meet some Jeju natives! I was always curious and I heard a lot as to how these people differ from those living on the mainland. Oh and not to mention the other OTHER reason being Jim, from the Olle Trail Organization offering a full day tour of the Island. Secret hideouts known only to Jeju residents? I would be crazy to decline. However, having never travelled alone before….of course there were hesitations and fears.

But anyways, I did it in the end and excellent choice it was indeed! It was particularly surprising to see a lot of lone travelers coming all the way from Europe and Asia to experience the Jejuness just like I was. You really get a different perspective when going solo. I felt like I didn’t have to rush off to places just so that I could be on schedule. Rather than worrying about a group, it was just…all about me and my camera and thinking what kind of sceneries and weird objects my readers will be interested in seeing on this blog. It is particularly relevant when you come across places like the ‘art street’ of Jeju Island, called Lee Jung Seop Geo Ri ( all pictured above) in Seogwipo. I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of photo opportunities this place offered, to the point it took up almost one whole memory card. Cute, indie cafes, restaurants, craft shops, street performers, women with strange circular tattoos, flute players, and of course the famous Korean artist Lee Jeong Seop museum and house is located there too!

You know…I’m not sure if you can count this trip as a lonely vacation…I knew I would go slightly insane so I thought why not meet new people there instead? Hence I dedicated one morning in volunteering with the Olle Trail Organization called ‘Clean Olle’. Not only do you provide your services to the community but it was a fantastic way to meet Jeju natives. It was literally such an honour meeting these passionate people. I literally cannot wait to see them again *wink* *wink*~

I’d recommend a person who seeks unexpected adventures to go visit Jeju alone. At first the idea of going to Jeju by yourself may seem a little daunting at first. However once you muster up the courage and make yourself some positive aims, unexpected and surprising experience await for sure! The experienced I had this time round in Jeju was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in Korea. Not only did I get my very own peace time which I craved for all month, but also have seen lesser well known phenomenons , learnt more about the history of Jeju, but met very valuable friends along the way ^^

group 1


11 Comments on “[Travel Diary] Isolation Solution

  1. Amazing bloggers like you represent korea in such a beautiful way through your photography and writing and your blogs are the reason which makes me wanna go to korea even more and more. Loved the post! Pictures are wonderful ^_^

  2. It’s really awesome… not sure if it’s just me or what, but your photographs gives out the healing effect. 😀

  3. Hihi,

    I came across your blog and it’s really beautiful, the pictures you put up. I must really say you are truly brave to have conquered Jeju island on your own. I have always been very interested to get on the jeju olle trail but not sure how because i dont speak korean. Can you guide me or do you have a contact person whom I can liaise with to start with? Thanks alot!

    • Hello, you don’t really need to know Korean in order to experience the Olle Trails. You just arrive at the starting point and then walk walk walk ^^ Here’s more information: http://www.jejuolle.org (be sure to change the language to English at the top right hand side).

      You can also contact the Jeju olle staff if you have any questions at jejuolle@jejuolle.org

      • Thanks! I guess i can really choose somewhere to start with and follow the trail huh? Just realised.. Btw can i seek yr permission to post some photos u took on my instagram? Its not for public though, just for some close friends..

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