[Travel Diary] Church Hour ~ 섭지코지


It’s funny how owning a camera and a blog can make you stupidly adventurous at times…but for the wrong reasons. For example whenever I browse for locations to visit on the internet and come across something I like which is 2-3 hours away, 20% of my brain thinks “this looks so beautiful! Shame about the distance…”, whereas the remaining 80% thinks “I want to ‘own’ this shot because it will make my blog look cooler and my family will be jealous :-3 ”.

Seopjikoji (섭지코지) which is located in the eastern shores of Jeju Island was no exception. Most famously known for being a K-drama set ‘All In’, the island-ish scene provides volcanic rock formations, rocky sea cliffs, pristine views of the sea, Seongsan (Sunrise Peak) which can be seen not far off from a distance, and the legendary towering rock (Sunbawe) all combine to result in a natural masterpiece.

Due to the intense heat, clear forecast, and a 99% probability of burning your skin, there was no friiickin’ way I’ll be strolling around the island on foot…so for just only 20,000 won I hired an electric bike so that not only I could see Seopjikoji faster, but feel the amazing air Jeju conjures all the time. Other options include a mini open car, and if you really want to travel in style, you can hire a horse carriage with bundles of roses poking out of them~ honestly they reminded me of a funeral carriages instead.

Despite Seopjikoji’s natural epicness apparently the peak time to go is in April where a sea of canola flowers bloom….man… as if it isn’t already beautiful enough~


3 Comments on “[Travel Diary] Church Hour ~ 섭지코지

  1. When I look through your Jeju Island posts, I am so sad I only had 3 days being there. I really got impressed how you take your pics! Greetings, Anny

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