HongDae Haps 홍대 햎스~


Certain areas of Seoul can have so much going on it is difficult to choose where to hang out. Hongdae, being a ‘university’ area gives a younger vibe to the place. In addition it provides some of the most unique restaurants and cafes in Seoul, to cater to the university students. So what is a normal afternoon like at one of the most busiest and popular places in Seoul?

Lunch with your homies~
Hongdae has perhaps some of the finest western restaurants in the country. Don’t hesitate to come here and try out one of the finest pasta houses, Café Source (pictured). The menu is unique as the owners fused Japanese aspects and ingredients into their food, creating that extra flavourful edge and delight. Some pastas have the essence of Italy, whilst others have the traditional pasta with a Japanese twist, for example they added some seasoned cod roe and seaweed into the dish. Forget sushi with rice….pasta replacement is the new hotness!

*Oh and don’t forget to try out their interesting collection of irresistible waffles too!

Map here

Dessert with your homies~
Being particularly biased towards bingsoo there is no doubt we would be searching for the famous bingsoo speciality cafes in Hongdae! This beehive of a caramel bingsoo from Mamanggya-Ddo (마망갸또) was faint-worthy. What was particularly different about this bingsoo was that the ice was slightly drier and less dense so that once the caramel syrup was poured over, it soaks in more delight, giving you that extra ecstasy of a taste.

Map here

Wondering Eyes
What’s great about Hongdae is that the streets themselves have that quirky yet urban edge feel. Wherever you walk around you can find strange looking cafes, sculptures, and even awesome graffiti art.

Spot a celebrity
This was literally a surprise. I knew Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi was based in Hongdae, but not a chance did I ever think I will see them face to face. It was only Martina this time, out in the streets buying some food for her celebrity status dog, Spudgy. When I watched their videos, I thought maybe they put on a bit of effort to make their videos more fun. But her personality is literally the same as when you watch her in the videos. Bright, bubbly, talkative, interesting, and HOT! Knowing that she was busy, I didn’t really want to take up a lot of her time, but she seemed genuinely interested about her fans and why they are in Korea. That appreciation towards her fans really came across the way she talks….AMAZING! A perfect finish to an awesome afternoon!

~Oh and I also snuck in some really personal questions that I was always curious about muahahaha


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