Alice in Muan 애리스~


I had a great opportunity to be invited to my friend’s parent’s home for a country-style barbeque. Having initially thought I will be going to an apartment with guaranteed air conditioning…instead, a group of us were driven an hour away into the countryside. Turns out my friend’s parent’s home was in a small county of Muan which is located in the most southern west of Korea. Yup…it’s time to get my country Korean diallect out again! 😀

I really question my stupidity at times…what on earth was I thinking wearing a thick polo shirt? Turned out we ate outside in the whopping 35 degree weather T_T. It was all worth it after eating the succulent roast pork, and the roast chicken! It was really fascinating how the country folks use a truck to roast these animals (picture available on my Facebook page (if you are a vegetarian, or have a love for animals…DON’t click!)) .


After a glutinous meal we were on our way home. To our surprise we came across a farm of withering pink trees. So I literally yelled STOP THE CAAARRR! I literally REFUSE to go home without a doing a little cam whoring.

This place literally brought me back memories of the epic Colors of Korea – Yellow project that I did not too long ago….I had such a creativity rush back then so I really wanted to try doing it again someday…But I seriously couldn’t believe my luck! However due to the time constraints, we shot all this under 10 minutes….seriously wished I had an hour~ Pity~

So what is the tree name and the exact location you ask?
Well, I don’t know because I think we trespassed into private grounds… 😀

Somewhere in Muan


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