Tick Tock ~ 틱톡


Well vacation has literally started which means I can start terrorising all of Korea with my partner in crime camera! So…Korea and Koreans beware muahaha. Since it’s the start of summer vacation many expats take this chance to travel abroad and have a break from the Korean lifestyle to experience something new. Of course everyone will be sharing their plans; I’ll be going to Thailand…Cambodia….The Phillipines…Iraq (whut?), and as much as I want to avoid this discussion, inevitably I get asked too. My simple reply is…well…I’ll be travelling around Korea! *awkward smile* I mean…I’m already in the country of my dreams, and there are still many things to discover here, so why must I leave?

Anyhoo…I was in my favourite ghetto hood, Samcheong-dong in Seoul, which is home to some of the most unique, artsy cafes as well as famous rice cake and pork cutlet restaurants. This place is always filled with random shizzle for example I was browsing at some sunglasses which were displayed outside of the shop, and all of a sudden I see a cows face poking out of the bushes. Although it surprised the living s*** out of me…these all made great Instagram spamming opportunities!

Having had an hour to spare before another shoot I decided to gawk over at the Artisee Bakery and try out their puffy pastries and coffee whilst finding photography inspiration in travel magazines *o*

Anyone would like to join me next time? 😉


6 Comments on “Tick Tock ~ 틱톡

  1. pick me! haha aww I’d be happy to cafe-and-patisserie hop 😦
    and SK may be a tiny country but there is SO MUCH to see! It’s really impossible to get around to explore each province in detail. Def visit Jeonju/Jeonbuk! 🙂

  2. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood! I love the view from the hill top and the little cafes along the way. Definitely worth the walk. I wish I have the time to take in more of the sights instead of an afternoon. Love the photos!

  3. This is why I made it a point to fly to South Korea at least once every year.since 2011 when I first started to travel out of my own country. Totally awesome. The streets, though there are peak hours of the day, are so rejuvenating and and eye-opener for me during my vacation from work. Your photos made me even more excited about my three-weeks long holiday trip to Seoul in early November 2013. ^^~~~~

  4. Have been to Seoul almost once a Q. This area is my favorite one of my pocket list,feel cozy while walking along the street to North village. White snow to pink spring , green summer to yellow autumn.Amazing quiet among a crowded & modern Seoul city.

  5. Yeah I would like to join!!!! 😛 I haven’t visited Korea 😦 I don’t think that I would ever visit Korea 😦

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