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Welp for those who hadn’t noticed, I took a little hiatus from blogging, mainly due to exhaustion from work overload and stress over life issues.  Hence my inspiration level was in the minus figures… Oh mama mia~

Being brought up in a very strict asian household and in a competitive city of London, I always thought my destiny was to graduate, get a desk job, earn good money, get married, give birth to gremlins (maybe 12?), and then die a very slow death.  Some of you may think that’s a very sad mentality…but it’s the reality.  I initially came to Korea to get culturally enriched and learn a new language, and then use those experiences as artillery at a corporate job interview in London.  Never would I have imagined I would fall so deeply in love with Korea…and THAT has ruined my whole initial life plans….THANKS SO SO MUCH…

So I had to make a tough decision whether to go back and pursue a stable yet stagnant lifestyle…or stay here, give up the money and do something I’m literally passionate about.  “Why not get a corporal job in Korea you ask?”  I’m not sure whether you know about the corporate life in Korea…but it’s not a simple 9-5 job. It’s more like a 9-5 job but actually you are expected to show up at 7 and not leave until 8 or 10pm so that you can make a good impression of yourself to the boss….no thaaaaanks.

So what has ALL this complaining and whining got to do with those delicious looking pizzas shown above? Nothing.  It’s a personal blog right?  😉

Anyways a group of friends and I went to the Itaewon area to try out Pizzeria D’Buzza as it was claimed as one of the best authentic fusion pizzas in Korea. Simply put, those were one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted since my brief visit to Italy many years ago as well as the one I had home cooked from a very special friend 😉  Well, I’ll let all the food porn shots speak for themselves.  Try it out guys!


How to get there:

Hangangjin station exit 2

Directions: here


14 Comments on “Mambo Itaewono

  1. Hi. I’m Italian and I can say that while the pizza looks a bit fusion style (and that was already advertised), surprisingly the pizza looks quite fine, which is something really difficult to find outside of Italy. I live in New York and it’s almost impossible to find a decent pizza here, even though it’s a very common food.

    By the way, this is a great blog, keep it up, I follow it regularly 🙂

  2. While you are figuring things out, may I suggest doing freelance photographer work on the side? You take great photographs!

    • RUSTY!!!! ^^ Want to be my first customer? haha

      Freelance is great but I’m not very well known domestically…and there are tonnes of other talented photographers out there… =(

      • Haha I would love to but I wouldn’t be able to afford your air ticket to Singapore to take photos though. 😛

        I am sure you will be able to with your skills! ^^

  3. It’s really inspiring to see that you are determined to follow your dreams. Your photos are very beautiful and you should do what you love ^^

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