Countryside Diary ~ 전원일기

country stroy
traditional farmhat
Planting and replanting
hard at work
owning it
Hello donkey
Webs of seeds
country house

Toss those suits and briefcases aside and put on your farm boots and Ahjumma panties.

Ever tried farming work? A bunch of people and I decided to volunteer at a farm in Jangseong (Jeolla province). I must say I have developed a new respect for farmers now, and not just because of their choice of fashionable farming pants. The work was really tough…the stupid heat and the humidity of the greenhouse made me dizzy after 2 hours of non-stop farm work. Seriously how do they do it every day?

Anyways I can’t complain because the boiled potatoes and watermelon offered after tasted sooooooooooooooooooo good. Once you sweat your butt off, even the simplest thing like raw cabbage taste like a delicacy.

Oh not forgetting to mention that the surroundings were BEAUTIFUL. I even met my new friend Eyore the donkey~


8 Comments on “Countryside Diary ~ 전원일기

  1. hi! beautiful shots again ^^ can you share the details of the farm or how do you go about getting a farming experience (i heard of the woof)

  2. I am coming from Your site looks interesting.

    By the way, do you really mean “Ahjumma panties” (i.e. brief underwear, usually associated with young ladies) or do you want to say “Ahjumma trousers” (i.e. outer wear that is intended to cover the legs up to the waist)? The mind boggles at the thought of Ahjummas in panties, whether on the farm, or anywhere else.

    Best wishes. I hope to return from time to time.

  3. hi ken.
    i would like to do that kind of thing too..
    i want to volunteer and do farming…
    thank you for posting a lot of interesting things places and food.

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