Jeju Delight ~ Black SamGyupSal 흑 삼겹살

Heuk samgyupsal
Halla Soju
wrap it up
Black samgyupsal

Judging by appearance this may seem like a regular chunk of pig belly that you get from a local Korean butcher or BBQ restaurant, however this type of Samgyupsal called 흑 삼겹살 (heuk samgyupsal) a.k.a black pork belly is very different in terms of taste and quality. The infamous black pig, which can only be found and eaten in Jeju-do is currently one of the main and most valuable delicacies of the island. The pig is small and has black fur, and due to its unique farming practices it is much tastier.

Before grilling the black samgyupsal, it is smoked over burning hay allowing the smoke to penetrate the meat juices resulting in a unique taste and flavour unlike regular pork. When eating it is noticeably chewier and tender. Of course no black samgyupsal is complete without Halla Soju 한라 소주 (which to be honest taste like wallpaper paste…Euack).

Crap I’m hungry….


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