Royal Ambience

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Heavenly Gate

During my last visit in GyeongBuk Palace I left unimpressed despite its grand architecture. There was no particular reason…even if there was I couldn’t really put my finger on it. Perhaps it just lacked the ‘wow’ factor somehow~

It just so happened my friends called me out on weekend to meet them at GyeongBuk Station. My first thought was: Uh oh…please not the palace again…., but hello! what a surprise! I was literally stunned as to what stood before me.

Apparently twice a year the palace opens up to the public at night time until 9pm. Flattered by colored lights, the public got to witness the majestic beauty of the palace after sunset. This time there was no blinding sun to squint your vision nor was it boiling to the point you wanted to scramble into the shade every time a flicker of light touches your skin. Each building illuminated so brightly they looked like they were royal treasures themselves. The fact that it was only opened for a week made the experience extra valuable.

Despite the immense crowd and intense competition between brick heavy cameras and tripods, the atmosphere was pretty much filled with OOOOhs and AAAAHs

If you want to see the the night mode of Gyeongbuk Palace, I’m afraid you have to wait until Fall….sorry~


3 Comments on “Royal Ambience

  1. Oh! Amazing pictures ! It reminds me when I visited the palace but it was during the winter season, I’m eager to visit it during spring or fall season.

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