[Travel Diary] Olle Olle~

Nearly there
beautiful flowers and waterfall
Bridge of wishes
Brothers and sisters
Signals are everywhere so that you cannot get lost
After climbing a hill
I'm thirsty
Beautiful garden
Blue and orange ribbons
Trails and exotic flowers
Ornaments are scattered everywhere throughout the course
Climbing rocks

Thanks to the generosity of the Buddha, everyone in Korea was blessed with a 3-day weekend! This means hotels, bus and flight tickets are competitively being booked by Korean citizens in order to fully enjoy and savour the rare break without being pressured to down Soju shots by your boss. Of course I wasn’t going to miss out on this rare opportunity. Hence I decided to book myself flight tickets to Jeju Island!

This was actually my second visit and trying to be not distracted by the soft white sand and crystal blue beaches, I decided to head south of the Island to visit the infamous Olle Trails. The Olle trails are one of the major draws of Jeju-do offering unrivalled and breathtaking views of landscapes, coasts and beaches, which cannot be accessed by cars. In total there are 21 different trails around the island, each offering their own unique charms and characteristics. It just depends what type of person you are? Me being particularly in favour of water, I decided to head south to Olle trail number 6. Each trail will take about 4-5 hours to complete…well, it depends who you are travelling with! If you are trailing with your grandmother….be prepared for a good 6+ hours =D

My first impression of the trails was a little intimidating as I started off hiking up a small mountain in a humid weather. However the hard work was always repaid with jaw dropping views of the sea and city. The trails were very easy to follow. In order to know you are going at the right direction…you only need to spot the orange and blue ribbons which are tied onto trees, gates, lamp posts etc. and it can always be easily spotted. For some reason, the trails made me feel like I’m in an adventure game. The trails are amazing in the way that it always leads you to interesting landscapes and structures and cleverly makes sure you do not miss out on a single thing. Some parts of the trails were particularly difficult to climb, but there are always cafes available nearby so that you can recharge your batteries. Once you have charged up and quenched your thirst with a cookie shake, you can set off again!

Upon completing the trail, it really gives you a sense of achievement. You can hear the victory song from the Super Mario game ringing in your ears *jumps and touches the flag*. On a serious note, I felt a sense of healing from all the stress I get from living in a city…every mental strain and pressures just seem to have drifted and poured into the sea. I’m officially Tarzan.

For more information on the 21 trails click here!


10 Comments on “[Travel Diary] Olle Olle~

  1. Some of the scenes look unreal, like they’re stills from a movie! 😀 Good on you for completing the trek and thanks for sharing the photos and descriptions~
    Also, how do you get the photos to be full sized? I can’t seem to get rid of my side bars on my own blog, or maybe it’s just the theme I’ve chosen. Any ideas?

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply! I think it’s the theme template which enables you to make it full size. I use Modularity Lite~

      Thanks for the compliments ^^

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