3:3 B-BOY Freestyle Session Korea

Oh yea
Judges and MC

Dance has played a significant part of my life, yet I wouldn’t call it a passion either. When I was in high school and university I remember watching really cool dance numbers from movies such as Step Up and TV shows like America’s Best Dance Crew (big Quest Crew, and Kaba Modern fan here). Being a cheap skate I decided to learn from youtube haha…I did not know how that went because I always practised in secret in my own dorm. When I first came to Korea I knew one of the things that I wanted to tick off my list was to learn the Popping dance from a true professional. If you want to know how that went you can see here!

Anyways so being an avid fan of the hip hop dance world I decided to go and watch the B-Boy Freestyle session on the 5th May located just outside the KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) office in Seoul. I only knew and was looking out for ‘Last For One’ crew, as they were already a little well known for their impecible breakdancing skills and also JAY PARK!. This event was a 3 on 3 freestyle battle in which crews break dance to impress the judges.

Overall it was an amazing show. I knew very well B-Boy dance consisted of spinning on one’s head, tornado spins, back flips, and intricate threading (connecting your hands together and weaving in and out of your body). However one person stood out in particular. He was very funny and theatrical. Using the music’s wierd noises he applied his already impressive breakdance moves and combined it with comical faces and wierd poses. He gets my vote.

I wish I was introduced to the world of Hip hop dance earlier in my age…well being an Asian didn’t really help as I had parents taking paint brushes and creativity away from me and instead got Math and Science books shoved at me….(I still love you mum). I didn’t really see my first hip hop video until when I was 18 and I had my first lesson at 21. But I still felt I started too late…I was a little uncomfortable learning with High schoolers who were already better than me. The only thing that kept me going was an awesome teacher and a 30 year old man learning with me.


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