Cherry Blossom Ending ~ 벛꽃 엔딩

Spectators and Cherries
Couple taking pictures
pink pink
cherries and skyscrapers-1
LotteWorld Cherry blossom festival

Whilst the western media is currently busy bombarding the worrisome public with North Korea’s lame threats, South Koreans and expats decided to use this time of crisis to call up their honey boo boos to go out on a date to witness the Cherry Blossom festival.  To be honest, there is generally nothing to worry about and really, nobody gives a Kim Jung Un about it.  If something does happen (let’s hope not) I will make sure to Facebook message my family one last time telling you to turn my room into a shrine of myself and NOT into a storage room!

Depressing thoughts aside, the cherry blossom season is now over down south at the Jeolla province, but it has JUST begun at all Northern provinces such as Seoul.   Spring was very much delayed this year, but in return Korea was gifted with amazing natural beauty and tolerable heat.  Everything was perfect, except being a severe hay fever sufferer means I have to be constantly under medication nowadays (=_=) However no complaints here!!!  I mean how can you after seeing colourful nature blossoming within a heavily congested city.

The Lotte World Cherry blossom festival held one of the biggest festivals in Korea.  Other than walking along the path whilst hypnotized over the falling pink petals, performances from various academies and groups can be seen singing and dancing on stage.  Pathways were flocked with families and young couples soaking in the spring atmosphere.

I miss my family…and where is my girl dammit?

I would say more about this place, but there is only so much a guy can ramble on about how pretty the flowers are, and I’m also running out of adjectives from my thesaurus.  On a serious note, I hope by looking at my pictures you can feel how warm and buzzing the atmosphere was…maybe you can feel how I felt that day.  If not, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a detailed account of what I experienced that day…*brings out thesaurus*

The cherry blossoms will be gone soon so be quick!  I believe the festival at Yeoido, Seoul have just recently begun.  Go go go!

How to get to Lotte World Park:

40-1 Jamsil-dong Songpa-gu, Seoul

Subway station: Jamsil  station (line 2 and line 8) exit 4.

Look for ‘Lotte World’ signs showing you directions.  It’s the main attraction of this district so you should have no problems 😉


9 Comments on “Cherry Blossom Ending ~ 벛꽃 엔딩

  1. Hi~
    I’m glad to have come across your blog via your sisters’! I also lived in SK teaching English a few years back (Jeonju in Jeolla province, holla!) and it’s so nice to see the cherry blossoms and other facets of Korea you only really see when you’re living there.
    Thanks for sharing your great photography!

    • Oh hello and welcome! Yea thanks to Kit, I’ve become hooked =_=

      I’ve never been to Jeonju yet…aside from the Hanok and Bobimbap (love the stereotypes haha)…any hidden gems you can recommend?

      • lol the stereotypes are there for a reason! definitely go to the Hanok Village before it gets any more overrun with (gorgeous) cafes! the grounds are beautiful and there are craft stores of traditional paper (hanji) that Jeonju is also famous for.
        I’d say the hidden gems are more out of Jeonju, but in the Jollabukdo province (eg: Jeongeup). Jeonju is a quiet city compared to Daegu, Busan and Seoul. If you do go though, visit Bean Tie cafe and 10 Gram cafe – they used to be my haven and the owner is awesome! I can direct you later on hehe.
        How long are you in SK for?

    • Thanks for the recommendations!!! My contract is up on November, but I want to stay longer and change industries… =(

      • No worries! Hehe sounds like SK has captured your heart. Definitely go for whatever job you want! It’s probably more difficult getting a non-English teaching job but try your best, 화이팅!~

  2. Wow I love these pictures especially the third one with the white and slightly pink cherry blossoms, the yellow of the plants in the background and the blue of the water 🙂

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