Cooling Off ~ Bibim Noodles! 비빔냉면

Bibim NaengMyun
Mix it up
Mix and cut
Pour the cold soup stock
Delicious Bibim Naengmyun

First up, what’s with the weather?

Last week Korea had snowfall which lasted for about 20 seconds and all of a sudden it was so hot! Bringing my jacket to work this morning did not help either, and an added bonus: hay fever struck hard today =*( Hence I used rolls and rolls of toilet paper trying to blow the endless stream running down my nose whilst a random Ahjumma barfed out her lunch beside me….nice.

When crazy, hot weather hits Korea, I would usually prefer to eat something cool but savoury for dinner. In the west it can be difficult to find, hence what my sister usually does to solve her problem was to eat ice cream or cold jelly for breakfast or lunch…gross. And no…never tell me to eat salad =P.

Being in Korea is great, there is so much variety that you can eat in the blazing hot weather. One of them is 비빔냉면 (Bibim Naengmyun)! Sounds familiar right? Yes, it’s the alternate version of BibimBap, but with cold noodles! Not only does it taste great, but it can cool you down very quickly.  Remember to mix thoroughly before adding the soup stock though…otherwise the sauce will not stick onto the noodles as well as it should and you’ll just end up with plain noodles with some strong-ass flavoured soup. Oh and don’t forget to cut your noodles with the scissors provided. Otherwise you’ll end up like me slurping endless seams of noodles and almost choking to death…


Enjoy the heat!


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