Love Rain 사랑 비

Cherry Shower
Cherry Cherry
Me and Cherry
Catch a falling cherry

Being bitterly disappointed about my cancelled trip to JinHae (the grandmother of all Cherry Blossom festivals) I decided to stand my ground and shoot some anyway in Gwangju just in time for today’s post.  As expected the weather was terrible with rain drizzling down and chills tingling down my spine.  The Cherry Blossoms however are really something.  It is the symbol of transition from Winter to Spring, and seeing petals showering down the streets of Korea, can brighten anyone’s mood whatever the weather.

I wish the Cherry Blossoms will stay at full bloom throughout the year.  Post blooming outbreak, I realized the changes of moods from my students.  They become more active and hilarious, and I become more energetic and a pain the ass (in a positive way) to them.  But if we end up seeing them every day I guess it will be like seeing grass grow…

Seeing them outside of my apartment everyday is a great beginning, especially for those damn Monday mornings.  It’s a great remedy for Monday sickness which symptoms includes sensitiveness, mood swings, and don’t talk to me if you don’t want your head bitten off look.  I particularly get agitated when a kid tries to strangle the tree until all its petals fall off.

Welp, those who have been following me on Facebook must be pretty sick of all the Cherry Blossom pictures I’ve been uploading by now….haha or maybe not?  Does that mean I can upload more?

Other than that, take out your smartphones and start snapping as these only last for 2 weeks or so…




11 Comments on “Love Rain 사랑 비

  1. Love cherry blossoms… so… love your pictures… I wish I could see this view out of my window some day… but it’s very difficult because in Peru we don’t have these flowers… maybe some day I’ll go to korea just to attend the cherry blossoms festivals.. meanwhile I have your photos… thanks!!!

  2. Lovely pictures! Makes me want to go back to my native country..

  3. Beautiful pictures! You really have an eye for photography. I’m so jealous!

  4. I admire your blog posts and pictures. I soooooo love them, plus I love the colors! Keep it up 🙂

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