Oh how cute! ~~*MUNCH*

Cream Mango Strawberry
Bear or mouse
Oooh luxury cupcakes
Pet house
too cute to eat

There’s no doubt that South Korean citizens have an eye for anything and everything cute.

Having bashed the Hello Kitty Cafe (Sorry guys =P) a while back, I tend to stay away all foods which have too much cuteness appeal in fear of it being a tourist trap. But it always seem to fail. Knowing already it won’t taste ‘all that’ my mind always gets filled with curiosity with anything that just looks good.  I blame my camera.  Even though they may be expensive and tastes like s***,  just knowing I’ve snapped a picture of it and shared it on Facebook fills that shallow satisfaction somehow T_T

The Menagerie cupcakes (pictured) looks so cute right??  For those who are curious, each animal are different flavors (duh).  The cat is cream flavored, the pig is strawberry flavored, and the yellow/orange bear (or mouse???) is mango flavored.  All cupcakes have some fruit inside depending on what flavor you picked.  The Menagerie cupcakes are sold at the Shinsegae stores…though warning…they’re not cheap.

From what I remembered it tasted really good!  However, to be frank I couldn’t distinguish whether it tasted great or the thought of yeaaaa I’ve snapped a picture of it and can’t wait to show my jealous sisters muahaha feeling which made it taste better than it actually was O.O

(don’t roll your eyes at meh…)




2 Comments on “Oh how cute! ~~*MUNCH*

  1. Hi, I really like the photos you posted of these cute cupcakes 🙂 I’m a baker myself so I just want to find out more for my own learning. When you ate these cupcakes was the top layer like a mousse or some cream? or was it more solid? Your reply will be much appreciated because I’m trying to make something like these for a friend’s birthday 🙂 please help!! thank you 🙂

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