Coffee Chemistry

Taste and discover
Colombia tasted the best
Einstein in Progress
Einstein on process
bubbles bubbles
Solution complete

It was like being teleported back into high school during a science experiment, minus the hideous lab coat and goggles.  The Coffee Project really brings the ‘experimental’ and ‘fun’ element into the coffee experience, and what’s even better a barista with flawless English to guide you every step of the way.  Who knew different equipment is needed for each type of coffee?  I thought everything was made and prepared inside one big, fancy, coffee machine.  In the Coffee Project however you get to really witness the art of coffee brewing as well as educate yourself about the origins of your beverage choice.

Looking at the menu I decided to try the Syphon and the 3 Blind Tastes.  The 3 Blind Tastes is perfect for those who are open to new coffee experiences or those who can’t really decide what they want on that particular day.  In my case, I know many types of coffee drinks but I still have very little knowledge of coffee beans and their country of origin, hence I decided to expand my .  So as pictured, you will be given three cups of iced coffee.  All three is unique and different and it is your role to blind taste each one and pick your favorite (and the one you hate of course).  Once you have chosen your favorite you can open the folded cards and it tells you the name of the coffee bean and its origin.  In my case I really enjoyed the Colombia Supremo the most…I guess I can specifically request my drink like a pro now….*put on my Queen’s English accent* one Colombia Supremo please~~~

I thought the Vietnam Robusta G1 was quite gross…left me with a shriveled facial expression every time I swallowed.  BUT NO FEAR! The flawless English speaking Barista will come up to you and ask how everything was and also which one you liked and despised.  Once I said that the Vietnam Robusta G1 was ‘bleeurgh’ she immediately suggested adding milk and sugar.  Without waiting she whipped up a new drink for me~ Vietnam Robusta G1 with milk froth and sugar.  It tasted delicious… I just hoped she used the unfinished one on the table that left me facially pruned….ohhh my bladder.

3 Blind Taste~ I really loved and enjoyed this concept.

I merely chose the Syphon as I was intrigued by the fancy equipment needed to be used as it reminded me of a chemical flask under a Bunsen burner.  Ohhh I could feel the inner nerd inside me being filled with excitement.  Air pressure is used to extract the coffee mix and then filters into the flask. 

I think that’s what draws people here, every time you come here you can experience new coffee beans, expand your knowledge, and realise that the art of coffee brewing is not as simple as pressing a single button.

Advice: Come with an empty bladder…as mine almost got destroyed T_T

Discover your taste

How to get there:
Seoul Subway Station

Anam station exit 3.  Make a u-turn and you’ll be at a corner.  Turn left and walk down for about 5 minutes until you come to a major intersection.  Cross the street then go left diagonally towards Pizza 59.  Walk the crosswalk with lightts and it should be on the right with a green grassy building.


3 Comments on “Coffee Chemistry

  1. Thanks for posting this, being a tourist in Seoul and a passionate coffee drinker, i’m definately gonna try this out!

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