Oogie Boogie’s in Town

scared to enter
Seoul Museum of Art
3 strangers

For those who don’t know yet, the Seoul Museum of Art is currently holding the Tim Burton exhibit for a limited time only.  Like a mini Tim Burton theme park, the museum has done well in twisting its surroundings to match his dark and gothic persona.  Even when entering the exhibition, the music being played combined with the wierd characters you see, it feels like you were entering Tim Burton’s mind…as if we were looking at these crazy yet humerous hallucinations through his eyes.  The exhibition wasn’t just simply a walk-in-walk-out experience.  I particularly enjoyed watching various short sketches of Stainboy in the movie booth.  You really wonder as to how the creator could be so wierd yet brilliant when it comes to character and story creation.

If only this opened during Halloween week….oooo spooky.

Tim Burton’s first works existed before I was born hence I never grew up knowing who he was or what he created.  If it wasn’t for the ‘Kindom Hearts’ video game (don’t laugh it was epic) that I played when I was 14 years old,  I probably wouldn’t have expressed much interest as to who the creator of Jack Skellington was.  I remember staring at my obsessed sisters watching Edward Scissorhands on TV when I was a small child, but all I remember was flashbacks of Johnny Depp slicing up the water bed and a girl screaming.  Will that make you interested as to who the creator was? I was like 6 years old.  I think I was more frightened as to who he was going to slice up rather than seeing it as ‘humour’.

Anyways even if you are not that much of a big fan of his works (who isn’t????)…I would say it is still worth going.  Check it out before the exhibition closes!  This exhibition will end on the 14th April.

How to get there:

City Hall station exit 10 (green & dark blue line).  Do a U-turn and walk straight for a few minutes until you see a Samgyetang restaurant.  Turn right and walk straight up and it should be on your right.




2 Comments on “Oogie Boogie’s in Town

  1. I like that attention to the details with the characters staring out from the windows. Wish I could be there. Your nice pictures kind of make up for it!

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