White Day 화이트 데이! The Ideal Gift


So what is White Day (화이트 데이)?

It is always celebrated on March 14th, a month after Valentine’s Day and it is where the guy must buy his girlfriend candies or chocolates. However this practice is more popular in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. I guess celebrating love once a year just isn’t enough these days.  White Day was originated in Japan and since then it has spread throughout Asia with slight differences.  For example Japanese men will give chocolates and white colored presents such as lingerie to their girlfriends.  In Korea lollipops are a popular gift whereas in China it is the opposite where boys are the ones who recieves gifts (girls recieves gifts on Valentine’s).

I’m moving to China…

So what is the ideal gift?  Just a bunch of lollipops? A few candies? Flowers?  Think again.  It takes more to move a woman’s heart with just a few sugary fantasies.

I will be using my student as an exmple…and I must say…I must praise him for his efforts.

The Ideal Gift

The Ideal White Day Gift

1–  Buy a large sized, heart shaped box (preferably red).

2– Decorate your box with photos of you and your girlfriend.  You want photos of your girlfriend to show other people how beautiful your girl is…and you want pictures of yourself so that whenever your girl looks at the box, she will think of you.  So attach photos all around the box.

3– Under the lid of the box attach more photos or (like this student) attach sweet moments from your Kakao (popular Korean instant messaging app) messaging history.  Do not forget to decorate inside the box too with pictures or more instant messaging screenshots.  Remember wherever she looks, it must remind her of YOU!!!!

4– Fill the box with colorful candies.  Variety is important!!! So chocolate, candy, chewing gum, marshmellows etc.

5– This student also put in vitamin C drinks (around 2-3 bottles will suffice).  He then attached more photos of his girlfriend around the bottle.  Love shot anyone?

6– Presentation is also very important! So extra confetti, ribbons, heart shaped toys can be added into the love mix.

7– Buy a large heart shaped card and write an essay as to why she is so awesome and why you love her. The longer the better. If you can make every sentence rhyme that will be a bonus too!

8– Give your gift to her as a surprise in the middle of the hallway at school so that she becomes emotional and all her boyfriend-less friends watch her with envy.

So there you have it.  Guys! You know what to do now!




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