[Travel Diary] Slushboarding

Muju Slope
Snowboard Wannabe

It just so happens I went to Muju resort on the hottest day thus far in Korea (a whopping 24 degrees Celsius).  Oh yes, the 2 week Spring season is coming, but before bidding farewell to the hideous Winter I decided to go snowboarding!

Located in the north east of Jeollabuk-do, Muju is only less than 3 hours away from Incheon airport and about 2 hours away from Seoul.  With its beautiful scenery, clean environment, and ancient history, Muju has become a very valuable asset to Korea.  With its infamous Firefly festival launched in 1997, it was selected as Korea’s excellent festival for 11 years in a row.  However it is more known for its ski resort.

At times I felt like I was snowboarding on slush rather than on soft and fluffy snow.  Falling wasn’t much fun either, as it felt like I fell into a puddle of strawberry flavored slush puppy or at times on a freshly opened ice rink….ouch.  So in the end I hit the slopes feeling like I wet myself as well as feeling like I left my kitchen after a hard ass spanking from my mother.

I can definitely say the evening session was much better.  The darkness and the strong winds made the riding more thrilling and exciting.  The people became more lively and enthusiastic under the buzzing atmosphere.  I couldn’t help but notice the slopes turning into a snowboarding fashion runway.   I knew Korea was big on fashion….but on the slopes too?!  I must admit…they looked really slick and cool….it made me want to be like them…

One day…

As for now I must bid farewell to this sport as Spring is coming soon.  I constantly hit myself as to WHY I didn’t try out this sport out earlier?  Then that was when it hit me…

I’m in love with snowboarding.


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