DSLR Café’ra 카페라

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Awesome, a café for photography lovers!  Don’t forget to bring your DSLR cameras because when you buy a drink you can try out a large selection of their lenses.  They probably have almost every single variety of lenses that you can think of, starting from the minis to the big guns.  Some of the photos from above were shot with different lenses…can you tell which ones?

Those in an emergency need of a camera body and lens are able to rent them here too!  This makes me think back on the time where I fell in the river and broke my camera the day before an important photo shoot.  ~_~

The Baristas there aren’t just ordinary manual coffee machines either; they themselves are DSLR junkies too.  You can explain to them what is wrong with your current lens, or you can even tell them what you want in a new lens, and they will happily recommend one for you to try out.  If that lens wasn’t what you were looking for, they will try hard and recommend another until you have what you are looking for.  Aww such nice people AND they make great coffee.  Their sweet potato latte (pictured)  was especially exquisite.

Café’ra (카페라) is great for budding photographers to test drive the lenses before buying their own.  It’s especially good for me as I am not a big techie on cameras.  You would be surprised as to how little I know about the technicalities of photography.  Yes, I love photography, but when someone tries to explain to me about the theories of it…I can’t help but smack the snooze button as soon as someone mentions ‘aperture’.

To be frank, I am happy with my current set (haha what set?…. I only have one body and one lens), I kind of vowed that my last purchase would be my last ever investment.  A barista showed me a few lenses and there is one in particular…well…made me think about whether I should invest one or not again…

Humans are so greedy…



Regret to say that the cafe has been closed.  If I find out where they have moved, I will update again~ thanks!


13 Comments on “DSLR Café’ra 카페라

  1. Love the concept. I’m not a photography junkie but love taking pictures can’t wait to go next time I’m in Korea 😀

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  3. Love the idea, and cant wait to visit. Do the baristas/photo junkies speak English?

  4. Hi Seoul State of Mind

    First of all, I just wanted say a big THANK YOU for this site! It’s really given me and my wife a lot of inspiration for our current trip to Korea and Seoul.

    Secondly, I just wanted to bring to your attention that Cafe’ra has been closed.

    We went out to Incheon’s NC Cube shopping mall to look for it, but we couldn’t find it. We asked at the information counter, and the lady there said it had been closed. She didn’t speak english good enough to let us know whether it has closed for good, or just moved to another location. Maybe something for you to check up on?

    Best regards,
    Mads Perschke
    Roskilde, DENMARK

    • Hello Mads! Thank you for the kind words and thanks for informing me. Will definitely check up on it and will update this post too.

      Thanks you so much!

  5. Hi Ken
    any update in where they moved?
    also any other place where you can rent or try camera gear?

    • There are 2 places in Seoul called SLRRENT. One close to Hapjeong Station (on the street behind the tall Mercenatpolis complex) and one somewhere in Gangnam. You can make reservations on their homepage (slrrent.com – korean only) or go there in person to make a reservation or even pick up the gear immediately (if it hasn’t been reserved for someone else).

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