[Travel Diary] Mystical NamHae

Dragon Spine
temple doors
Sleep tight
Ancient text

Temple stays has never been my cup of coffee. Maybe it’s because the idea of sleeping when the night has begun and waking up when everyone should be sleeping doesn’t really appeal to me. Moreover due to it’s strict dietry programme I’m afraid it will unleash the moody carnivore within myself, hence I will spare everyone of my mood swings. Yeah I’m like a spoilt bratty kid when it comes to eating and sleeping…hehehe

Howevever I wouldn’t mind coming here to 보리암 (Bo-Ri-Am) in Namhae.  This is the first time in Korea that I felt a mystical vibe and a certain peacefulness towards a place.  Located up in Golden Mountain, the temple lies hidden away from the busy metropolitan.  Don’t worry you can take the shuttle bus up there (with a fee of course =P) but even so it doesn’t take you all the way to the entrance.  Once you arrived at your destination you are going to have to hike a little bit further and climb some daunting stairs O_O

But the hard effort was worth it.  No pain no gain huh….

Purple Landscape


10 Comments on “[Travel Diary] Mystical NamHae

  1. I love the blue cast to most of these pictures. Very nicely done!

    And the little figurine! Haha, he’s gorgeous! I love how these little figures are dotted just about everywhere in Korean temples.

  2. hi…your photography skills are pretty good..thanks thru your lens we get to see this mystical and beautiful place..would love to come here someday…

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