Beach Birthday



Even though I am 23 now I sometimes feel like I’m mentally 50 years old.  It is an age where I now feel that the gap between 22-23 isn’t really so bad compared to 21-22.  Or maybe…I just don’t really give a two monkeys anymore.  But as people say, the elderly are generally content with life because the older they get the less they care about things.  This really reminds me of the time when I was a kid and my Grandmother from Hong Kong came to visit in London.  Yeah…she didn’t mind walking around the house topless…….

Trauma aside…. I had the pleasure celebrating my birthday at the beach in Namhae.  Beaautiful!  I want to thank everybody who was with me that day.  Even though the trip itself was amazing… the people with me made it that much more memorable and crazy.

Bare love.


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