A-Yo GG!


I am actually a big fan of Girls’ Generation, so much that I even went to Seoul to visit their very own themed cafe!  Because I love you readers so so much I decided to embarass myself and do a review on the Girls’ Generation pop-up cafe in Seoul.

I was really hesitant approaching the cafe at first, mainly because I saw some die hard middle aged male fans come out of the store dressed from head (GG caps with big wings on the side…wtf) to toe in Girls’ Generation merchandise >_<  Hopefully seeing them is not a reflection of reality of who I am…haha

Ok so when promotional events like this happens you would kind of expect bad coffee, bad food, and everything overpriced right?  Well it’s true…don’t those cupcakes look delicious?  I really had the pleasure witnessing other people’s reaction when digging their teeth in those sugar cupcakes.  Seriously I feel like I was biting into glucose injected plastic.  Half the size of your fists and each one cost the same as a decent meal in KimBap Nara. Gah!

And then of course after your snack and coffee you must vist their shop!  GG mugs, GG pillow cases, GG folders, GG posters, GG everything…The highlight was definitely talking to the sales assistant, using her awesome sales skills: Why WOULD any guy wear this?  If you wear this you will look gay right?  What can i say? She’s right lol

I may not sound like it, but overall it was a good experience!  Want to go? I’m afraid it was only opened for ten days and yesterday was the last day…sorrrrrrry


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