Happy Lunar New Year! (설날)


First of all Happy Lunar New Year!  I hope you all enjoyed awesome food and recieved a lot of money!  I was lucky enough to spend this year’s celebration with my friend’s family in the countryside…woo!  I was lame enough to leave my CF card at home so …erm…enjoy the phone pics hahaha….

The day started off with a cooking marathon!  Apparently it’s very common to cook on the floor…shame about my measley short legs, I havn’t crossed my legs for a long period of time since elementary school singing hymns every morning.  First off was Korean seafood pancakes, followed by mushrooms dipped in eggs, and then thin slices of beef dipped in eggs, and finally some fish dipped in eggs….why must everything be dipped in eggs???? 


In no time I was called into my friend’s Grandparent’s room to do 세베 (se be) which is a little bit like a ritual.  This includes 절 (cheol) which involves putting your hands on your forehead and bowing until your forehead touches the floor.  You then sit up and say 새해 복 많이받으세요 (se bok manhi padu se yo!) which means may you have good fortune.  Afterwards you remain sitting and recieve 덕담 (deok dam) which just means blessings from the Grandparents.  And finally you recieve money!!!! WOo!


You know, I can see why girls dread this national holiday so much.  Women are expected to do all the cooking and the cleaning, and they eat only after the elders and men have finished eating.  I felt slightly guilty scoffing down my food whilst watching the ladies sitting on the sofa with their tummies rumbling.  Awww

little girl




One Comment on “Happy Lunar New Year! (설날)

  1. Everything tastes better with eggs!, Haha. Kung Hei Fat Choi/Happy Seollal and hope your new year is a wonderful one 🙂 Ps. You know, I’ve never a 100,000 won note before…damn teacher income!

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