[Jeju Island] Sunset Peak


Although you can witness amazing sunsets pretty much everywhere in Jeju Island, but the most popular spot is none other than the Sunrise Peak in the NOrth East. It’s really a no brainer as to why it’s called ‘sunrise peak’…apparently witnessing the sunrise and sunset here is unmatched.

Of course before witnessing a nature’s miracle, one must go through harship and climb this rocky beast…

It may seem like hell at first, but it’s seriously not too bad ^^ (this is coming from someone who hates hiking)…anyways above you can see the crater which is covered with natural green wildlife…don’t you just want to roll down that slope?


Oh well whether you want to go through with hiking all the way up just to see a sunset is up to you…no pain no gain right? ^^


4 Comments on “[Jeju Island] Sunset Peak

  1. I remember my time here. The pictures give me that same sense of calm. There are places much more beautiful, but there is still something so special about this place.

  2. Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog. I didn’t explore Jeju in my Seoul trip. And your beautiful pictures are kinda making me regret it. Haha.

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