Memoirs of a Waygook 2012


What a year!…here are some of my favorite highlights from 2012 *tear*

Hmmmm so where to begin?


Seeing my first breathtaking sunset by the Han River, Seoul. Check the post here.


Stumbling across the unique and awesome shopping venue SsamZieGil – Here


Trying my first poo bread! Here


Cherry outburst outside my apartment! Here


Saying goodbye to a dear friend, Daiki from Japan. And the day i broke my new camera lense….Oh the trauma…! Here


Discovering my favorite cafe in Seoul, and the most popular post! Here

Witnessing the natural phenomenon – The Jindo Sea Parting Festival – Here7064172947_383b11e183_b

Volunteering and making a difference. Also meeting AMAZING kids! Here2012-3-31¾ÖÀ°¿ø0143

Cooling off and getting wet at Caribbean Bay! Here

IMG_0838 - Copy


Salt farming in Yeonggwang – Here


Awarded a scholarship in Hip Hop Popping, recieving the ‘Best Student’ prize. ‘이권남’ is my Korean name (chinese name -> Hangul characters). No post about this i’m afraid, more of a personal achievement….should i start blogging about it? ^_^


A dream weekend with my good friend and mother in Busan….I’ll never forget that weekend =D Here


30+ elementary kids shouting ‘I RUV YOU’ at once…Here


Meeting and collaborating with the CEO of ‘SOSOFRESH’ …he’s so talented. Such a special day.

Full blog post here. Full photoshoot album on my Facebook page here

‘like’ SOSOFRESH facebook page here


Eating the best and famous pork cutlet dish in Seoul. *Droooool*……. Here


The unmatched natural beauty of Jeju Island ❤ – Here

Gleaming sunset of Baeksu Coast – Here


Wow…looking at all this really makes me wonder what other great adventures will come next…

I just want to thank everyone who stopped by to read this and showing support for my blog…it really means a lot…i also appreciate ALL your comments!!!

Anyways if you want more exclusive updates and wand what to see more pictures (photoshoots etc) here are 3 ways to do so:

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See you all next week! ❤

Peace out K Town



5 Comments on “Memoirs of a Waygook 2012

  1. ….. best hip hop popping student?!?

    No mention of the brief visit to London for a wedding? ;oP

  2. Ahhh loving the photos – looks like it was a brilliant year that you captured in all its glory! Hope to see more of the same in 2013! Btw, exactly what IS in that poo bread? I never managed to find it down our ways in Korea…

    Happy New Year Bro!

    • Thank you! And Happy New Year to you too!

      There can be many things in the poo bread, but the most common ingredient is red bean paste and walnuts. There are many other versions if you find a larger store such as custard, strawberry, and chocolate. There is always a Poo Bread stand in Insadong in the SsamZieGil shopping mall….very cheap and tasty ^^

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