Merry Christmas!


Well it’s my second year here celebeating Christmas without my family >.<

This is the only time i really miss my home….the food, the festivity, the reunion, the warmth….aaah

Save me a piece of Turkey guys!

Apparently Christmas Eve in Korea is like another Valentine’s day for couples…seriously….if Korea keeps promoting these kind of things there will be a serious overpopulation issue in the future!  Sad thing for everyone else is that we have to work on Christmas Eve….but thankfully the 25th is a national holiday…..Christmas should be celebrated for 2 weeks at least!

Ahh enough complaining…I am very excited about tomorrow! Will be posting up photos soon!

Until then…I wish you all a very very very merry merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho

Oh and keep an eye out for the Christmas mug hanging around downtown! He looks something like this….


Happy Holidays!


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