[Cafe Review] Trevor


Nothing better than sitting in a coffee shop with a lil’ festivity going on…

The cafe owner’s speciality here is his latte art skill..ranging from bears, leaves, snowmen, and santa. However the drawback is that it’s so nice to look at, you don;t really want to drink it. Anyways the owner here is great…

Latte art skill: Awesome

English level: Awesome (compared to most Gwangju citizens today =_=)

Friendliness: Awesome

Service: A little clumsy at times (he sometimes makes the wrong drinks…but hey we ended up drinking it for free….can’t complain)

Experimental drinks outcome: hmmmm

Haha this owner always tries new drinks and broths ad serves them for free (if you stay there long enough) so that he can know what his customers think of it….one time i tried his Mocha-cino and mint-ade…well…it was always ‘too much’ of something or ‘too little’…for example his mocha-cino, there was too much hazelnut syrup, and his mint-ade…well needed more mint. The great thing is he is always welcome feedback so once i told him his mint-ade needed a little bit more’ mint’ it

but then he put too much mint….=_= huhh so whenever you fall victim as a guinea pig to his experiments, feel free to give constructive feedback…he really appreciates it.


Location: Trevor Cafe, Chonnam University Back Gate, Gwangju


One Comment on “[Cafe Review] Trevor

  1. awww sounds cute! Would love to visit Gwangju (and bump into you, Ken!) one day. I’ll be in Seoul in two weeks time, but ain’t sure if the tour group I’m going with will bring me to Gwangju. It’s gonna be my first visit to South Korea so I’m super duper excited! đŸ™‚

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