[Jeju Island] Wild Flower Fields



Let’s have a picnic here!


My friend and I stumbled across this flower field on the way to the Manjanggul Lava cave. The Manajanggul cave (UNESCO World Heritage Site and holding the status of Natural Monument No.98) …well if you experienced it i think the flower fields are much better…so my advice is to stay in these fields…have a picnic with friends and bite a sandwich…rather than trekking all the way down to see a ‘cave’. Yes…the cave was such a disappointment in my opinion…because it was ONLY a cave…nothing spectacular…the great lava canyon and all the pictures you see on the internet were prohibited from public viewing….boooooooo!!!!

So yes…stay in these fields…it’s more eye catching and beauuutiful! Boo “UNESCO” cave.

still bitter…



One Comment on “[Jeju Island] Wild Flower Fields

  1. Wow what month did you go to see this? You’re making me less anxious to visit Jeju this summer!

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