[Cafe Review] JeonKwangSu Coffee House


Barista Jeon has been in this coffee service for over a decade and even runs his own school. Most Baristas you find working here are working to pay off the W3.5 million Barista course that they paid for, in order to learn from the caffeine Godfather of Korea. There is no doubt that these baristas are seriously good.


Voted as one of the best cafe’s in Seoul, although JeonKwangSu Coffee House is now a franchise. A particular branch to visit is in the Bukcheon branch of Seoul near Anguk Station as it currently holds the Connossoir’s Trophy. The coffee house provides a great atmosphere and hand dripped coffee conjured up by professional baristas. They also house coffee beans from exotic countries around the world.

I definitely had a high expectation obviously as the barista used a lot of filters, interesting machines and equipments, as well as skillful hand maneuvers to mix the coffee. Interesting…

But it paid off…it tasted sensational! T_T i wanna cry…



4 Comments on “[Cafe Review] JeonKwangSu Coffee House

  1. O my gash Ken, really loving your Korea coverage, things I haven’t even seen! BTW you look EXACTLY like Kit, just with short hair. I imagine if Kit got a pixie-cut she’ll be the feminine version of your twin, fo real.

  2. Couldn’t help myself but to leave a comment upon seeing this post. I can’t believe I missed this place when I went to Korea last month, I stayed in Anguk!

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