Ddak Galbi 닭갈비


닭갈비 (ddak galbi) is certainly a food which requires a lot of water and tissues.  It’s SOOO damn spicy…yet so good!  It is one of those foods where it will not be the same without that extra kick.  Key ingredients include chicken, LOTS of cabbage and insanse amounts of hot sauce.  To enhance the flavors a bit more i strongly recommend adding lots of cheese, but this is optional.


Although this food is particularly famous in ChunCheon…the best Ddak Galbi i have had so far is in Jeju Island O.O……someone take me back there…

*sniff sniff*


2 Comments on “Ddak Galbi 닭갈비

  1. Yuuuuum…I wasn’t missing anything about Korean food until right now. Ddak galbi was my go-to favourite thing in Korea for sure! Must source a local Korean spot immediately.

    Ps. Merry Christmas! Hope its a lovely day for you and yours.

    • Hey! Thanks! I like to eat this when my kids drive me nuts that day.

      Anyways…Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!


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