[Jeju Island] When in Udo

IMG_2687-2-7 (2)

U-do (prounounced as ‘Oo-doh’) is a mini island just off the north eastern shore of Jeju Island.  This landform provides nothing but natural beauty and breathtaking sceneries ❤  Do not underestimate the size of this chunk of land because as you explore time flies twice as fast….there are lots to do here, many places to explore, and many delicacies to be tasted.  I just wish i had at least spent a night here…


If you have no budget and want to explore this island at a quicker pace there are quad bikes for hire! I strongly recommend it as it makes the experience more exciting….you are here on holiday after all….just remember to wear a lot of suncream O_O



3 Comments on “[Jeju Island] When in Udo

  1. These photos are gorgeous. The laundry on the wire is my favorite! Like getting a lungful of ocean air: )

  2. Hi! ^_^ I actually live near Udo but rarely manage to cross over… when I do, I love to use bicycles to explore the island. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Jeju – and your photos capture it so perfectly!
    The sunscreen, though. I burn everytime, no matter what I do. :’D

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