[Cafe Review] – Green Tea Galore


Being obsessed with green tea based drinks and food, the OSULLOC cafe chain provides green tea addicts a place to devour all things green!  You name it…green tea cheesecake, green tea ice cream, green tea shake, green tea tiramisu, green tea roll…*drool*.  Some people (not mentioning any names) don’t understand why i like ‘green tea’ flavoured food so much even though the tea itself have so little taste.  It’s really hard to explain but i don;t usually like desserts overpowered by flavours and sugar.  The green tea dessert tastes very cool and clean yet there is a hint of creamy flavour when you swallow giving you an after sensation….WHO GETS ME here?


Being a large chain cafe it can be found very easily at places like MyeongDong and Insadong areas! Usually in Korea the most famous green tea suppliers come from Boseong, however these tea leaves are unique to OSULLOC as the ingredients are specially grown from Jeju Island making them slightly pricier than your average cafe….sad times…T_T



One Comment on “[Cafe Review] – Green Tea Galore

  1. Looks like I’ve found a green tea-holic! I get you! The green tea leaves here are really fragrant, bought 3 packets back home 🙂

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