[Jeju Island] Black Sand Sunset


After sitting for hours on the boat for Jeju, crashing through the waves, and seeing pale faces of passengers from sea sickness…my back was sore, and my head felt a little dizzy.  I wanted to be wow’d desperately…and this place was it…

Samyang Black Sand beach, located in the north side of Jeju-do stunned me with a gorgeous fiery skyline, puffed with dark, smokey grey clouds….it was the perfect remedy for that unpleasant boat ride T_T.  All ‘aches’ seem to just drift away….The water was chilly…however there are spots where there is a sudden temperature rise, embracing your numb feat with warm water…comfortably strange…..aaaaahhhhhhh….


…watch out for the dead jellyfish washed up somewhere on the beach though =S



4 Comments on “[Jeju Island] Black Sand Sunset

  1. wow.. I didn’t know there’s a black sand beach in Jeju. It’ll be on my to-visit list on my next visit to Korea.Thanks for sharing!

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