[Cafe Review] Hidden Art Space


(Picture: Green tea latte)

The Hidden Space Art Shop Cafe in Seoul, Samcheong-dong, enables customers to experience hand made coffee and cakes whilst appreciating the unique arts and crafts displayed around the room.  Like its name this cafe really is hidden away from the main areas of Samcheong-dong…as it is tucked away behind a famous rice cake restaurant…i’m not too sure whether i’m able to find it again if i’m honest >_<


Taste wise, the coffe here really feels natural…it gives a sense of coffee beans which have been freshly dug out from the Earth.  (I know coffee beans aren’t dug out from the Earth…) …hmmmm dug out from the Earth might sound a little dirty….but those nature lovers out there know what i mean.  It tastes very raw and natural unlike most coffee you find these days in Korea jam packed with sugar and cream >_> urrrgh.  However i must admit it is a little pricey…but the arts and craft displays makes you feel intrigued and curious….it’s a cafe space which enables you and your friends to socialise for a long period of time whilst appreciating the creativeness the shop has to offer.



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