Pork Cutlet 돈가스! *DROOL*

*Food Porn alert*


Although i am a big fan of high quality food, i have an unfortunate weakness for deep fried foods! >_<

Pork cutlets aka 돈가스 (don-gas) seems to be extremely popular here…especially the students.  Everytime the phrase ‘돈가스’ is mentioned the students go wild and start to lose focus. haha

I stumbled across a famous pork cutlet restaurant situated in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.  Sorry i forgot what the name was called but hey search for the unique and small yellow and red building situated near the end of the street…you can’t really miss it.  However do expect some sort of queue…as it is EXTREMELY popular.


The menu provides a range of choices of different fillings…for example cheese and kimchi, cheese and onion etc…other choices include chicken and fish instead of ‘pork’.  YUM!



2 Comments on “Pork Cutlet 돈가스! *DROOL*

  1. Looove this Ken, I’m sooo hungry right now!
    돈가스 is actually a Korea way of pronouncing the Japanese Don (pork) Katsu, meaning deep-fried 😉 but we all grew up thinking it’s money gas hehe (돈 – money)

    • yes! i thought about it meaning ‘fart money’ or something….but i didn’t know the name orginates from Japan as it seems more hangul characters were originated from chinese characters.

      thanks for the info ^^ …and i’m starving >.<

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