Han Stories I

One of my favorite places to hangout and take photographs is the Han River park in Seoul.  Not only does the river provide beautiful bridges and scenic architecture but i feel the area is overflowing with different types of strong emotions.  Many people visit the park for many different reasons….maybe for family bonding time, fellowship with your best friends, self reflection, or even to relieve your stress letting the river take your troubles away.

I secretly shot this picture (he thinks i am taking a picture of Namsan Tower).  I can’t help but be curious of what he is thinking about right now….we can only interpret.  What is his story?  I wish i asked him.


What is your interpretation?


5 Comments on “Han Stories I

  1. mannn.. as I mentioned before, I love how your photography isn’t all about the typical sights of SK but the ones you can only experience and appreciate when living there. I love the photo and your insight into it. It’s sad that this river is still the most popular bridge for suicide attempts..
    Sometimes when I see these characters I also want to ask about their story but I’m way too shy.

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