It’s SOSOFRESH! [Behind the Scenes]


As this was my first photoshoot of people rather than buildings and food, this opportunity really gave me the chance to test and stretch my skills further.

As i work in an all boys middle school and a vocational high school i interact with kids with little dreams and motivation in life. Students who spend most of their day playing computer games and sleeping in class, made me have very little expectations from the ‘student generation’ in Korea nowadays. Even with the smartest kids however they get the top grades yet they still have no clue what their dream is.


Phillip Kim however lies at the other side of the spectrum. Still in highschool, he already expresses such passion and drive for his company. He also displays a lot of knowledge of marketing strategies to drive his company forwards. Self motivated and passionate, this person really inspired me and made me have faith in the young population again.

Travelling and experiencing a new country i believe, is not just about exploring different areas and beautiful sceneries and piggin out on food, but to also go on a journey meeting new, amazing, and inspiring people….leaving valuable memories behind and feeling honoured to have actually encountered them.


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