May I present to you my first ever collaboration with Phillip Kim, CEO and designer of SOSOFRESH!  Here i had the honour to collaborate with a great artist and also a great personality.  Here are the official photos for the ‘Black and White’ edition of the classic tee.


My sister being a professional fashion blogger has always been praised by her ‘slick’, unique styles and sophisticated ensembles.  However to most lazy men out there (me)…..figuring out how to dress can be such a headache (or we just don’t really care) and it’s not how we like to spend our valuable time figuring out what goes with what.

(no negative feelings towards my sister, i am actually very proud of what she has achieved <3)

My style has always been very simple and street yet i get very picky of what i buy.  I go on hunts to find just a simple T-shirt with a cool design, but the design always either looks strange, wrong shape, wrong font, wrong font size, wierd words, juxtaposing pictures and words bladiblah…i can go on forever.

However Phillip Kim’s designs expresses a combination of simplicity and boldness.  The name ‘SOSOFRESH’ expresses so much in itself despite the simplicity of the t-shirt design.  Me likey…

“The meaning of SOSOFRESH is “very unique”. I wanted to have a unique name which also should be easy to memorize. So I chose very simple words: SO and FRESH. The name in simple words will help me get more close to customers. I always desire to create fresh fashion designs, which will be reflected to my brand items.” Phillip Kim


Check out more ‘SOSOFRESH’ designs in the SOSOFRESH official facebook page here! Or check out the online store here!

The full album of the shoot will be available on my official facebook page here, check it out!



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