Skyline Dining


Dining  480m up in a spiked tower whilst gazing at the beautiful nightview of Seoul suggests your food will be nothing but of luxurious cuisines and old aged wine.  Well you would expect wrong….^^

*spoiler input here* those planning to go dine at this venue should stop reading!

It turns out dining here won’t be as painful (cost wise) as i had expected.  The food consists of traditional Korean food…i mean it was pretty good for a buffet and very good quality.  The salmon salad was ESPECIALLY good! Ok, it’s not all Korean but whose complaining?  There aren’t many places with all you can eat smoked salmon *drool*.


Devouring the heaps of food whilst witnessing the night lights of Seoul flicker on was quite an experience.  Talking wasn’t really necessary as the night view itself was practically serenading at you….not a good idea to come here if you’re looking for a bonding moment…

Some of you might hesitate coming here because of the price.  Well all i can say is that it is pretty affordable, and you should eat there at least once….i wouldn’t go for the second time though…why?

because the Korean food was good, but it doesn’t compare to the traditional cuisine and quality that you get in Jeollanam-do areas…(*ahem*..Gwangju)

In terms of Korean food….Seoul is waaaaaaaay out of it’s league.



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