Mt. Ravine


As an amateur photographer journeying to the valley has its risks. I think this day was when i realised the burden of being a photographer. Yes, valuing your camera’s life over your body XD

So i was journeying up to the valley as it was my Japanese friend’s leaving trip and having bought a new camera lense i was extra cautious with it…but not cautious enough.  As so it happened i slipped and fell in the water along with my camera , however saving my camera of course by making sure my body lands first rather than my camera…so the camera body was saved! But the camera lense….hmmm well it managed to hit the rock just beside me.  You guys may think i am an idiot treasuring a toy over my body, but hey it was reflex.  My body chose to save the damn toy first.  Any other photographers feel the same way?


So yea nothing serious in terms of injuries…just a few cuts and bruises but the biggest agony of course is my camera lense! Left a big hole in me…OUCH!

This day really taught me several valuable lessons.  Of course….not to take such risks in such dangerous areas with your camera.  However most importantly,  i never realised this before, but…

I think i’m falling in love with photography…

(Don’t tell my parents)


But anyways this post is really dedicated to Daiki, farewell my friend!  ^^



3 Comments on “Mt. Ravine

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  3. My boyfriend, a photographer, broke his collarbone when he was riding his bike with his camera, hit a grate, went tumbling over the handlebars and reflexively saved the camera by contorting his body mid-air to make sure the camera wouldn’t hit the ground. You are not alone!

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