Taking night shots can be a really big pain in the arse, especially without a tripod…but when travelling comfortably, who would want to carry a tripod around and about? Luckily this place has a few places where i can just sit my camera comfortably and take great shots. The Seoul skyline is particularly popular at night and luckily it is open for viewing till very late at night (so highschool couples can sneak up here at night without their parents knowing and act all cutesy and get it on…*ahem*). Right so yeah…couples come here ALOT and start making out….fml. Probably not a good idea to come here for a long period of time…ALONE

Ignoring everyone around you, i really recommend paying to go up the Namsan Tower, it’s really worth it. Because it’s so high up you won’t have any trees or mountains blocking the view. It enables you to view Seoul 360 degrees and take great pictures. There are no stands for your camera below so you’ll take rubbish shots.

Enough talking…time to sit back and watch the stars floating in the ocean….



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